The vineyards

Las Madres is a meticulously farmed Cool Climate Syrah vineyard situated in the Sonoma Carneros. The hillside site is aligned east – west, and nestled in a bowl. This allows for excellent ripening during the day, while benefiting from cool marine influenced temperatures at night. Day to night temperatures easily vary by 35°F.

The clonal selections are Entav 174 and 300, all on 101–14 rootstock. VSP trellising allows maximum grower/winemaker influence. The Vineyard is staged to yield no more than 4 tons per acre.

There is a communal aspect to Las Madres Vineyards. We have as many as eight wineries participating in the vineyard in any given vintage. It has become imperative for us to make decisions together. First and foremost, no one cherry picks the vineyard. We always attempt to deliver representative samples from both vineyards to all winemakers. Secondly, we have learned to collaborate with regards to harvest. While there are some exceptions, we attempt to do one evening pick for all wineries.

Las Madres will never produce more than 1500 cases of wine per year. Our goal? That all wines from Las Madres Vineyards be notable and coveted. Tour the vineyard, taste some wine.