Who We are

The journey began the day we closed escrow on what was to be named Las Madres. The estate property was a mess. It could have easily been the set for the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

We are the family who moved into an old crooked farmhouse, with a crumbling 100-dog kennel and ramshackle garage. Chains swayed in the breeze with rusted barbed wire and chain link obstructing movement. Crooked gnarly eucalyptus trees loomed over chest-high marsh grasses and blackberries obscured any possible view.

It would take a year to clear the land and establish the vineyards. Another decade to build the structures. I have friends who will tell you they built their home, when in fact, they basically wrote a check. Nothing wrong with that, we are more comfortable hands-on.

We are the people who decided Syrah would be a phenomenal choice in the Carneros. In this appellation, surrounded by Pinot and Chardonnay, Syrah is a secret. Cool Climate Syrah, much like that found in the Northern Rhône, thrives here.

We are the family who has grown exceptional fruit for boutique wineries since 2002. We have farmed grapes for 20 vintages.

Las Madres, The Mothers, is a family affair.

John Painter and Jean Gadiot: Founders of Las Madres
Seth, Holly, and Sidney Corr: Building what’s next for Las Madres